Saturday, July 4, 2020

Are you Sun, or Moon?

When we think about the creation of the heavens and the earth as God ,Lord of the universe instructed us to do so, we find that there are differences between the sun and the moon. As for the moon, it is a reflection of that source. Yes, it is beautiful, and important, but without the source it will not be worth anything. And with that, we find that the eyes sometimes turn towards the reflection more than the source, people sing the moon and resemble the beautiful in its face, forgetting that the source is the secret of that beauty and the reason for that singing and show off.
This is also the case for people. Among the people you find some one acts as a source, a source of knowledge, learning, energy, hope and positivity, a source of breathing life into others, a source of community wealth and development. While there are others who are a reflection of these sources, they transmit from them, narrate from them and boast about them, but sometimes they be liked by their societies more than the sources attain, just like the sun and the moon. On the whole, in all is  a goodness, whether the source or the reflection, with the preference remaining for the source without the reflection is without anything.
So here 
the question comes  .. Are you (Sun) radiating light and good for people? or are you (Moon) reflecting to your society the lights of knowledge and goodness?
The important thing is that do not remain as (Earth) absorbs all the energy to bury it under its own hands.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Corona's impact on passion management

Many capitalists in the world rely heavily on the arts of their companies to manage passion, since passion is a weak point in a person, which comes from it whenever it is raised in it, so many companies depend on absorbing his money by arousing his passion for what he loves, sometimes his passion is aroused towards Food, as do major restaurants and international agencies, such as Mc. Donald and Pizza Hut and others, and sometimes his passion for perfumes, clothing, watches and all accessories arouses, as do the major French perfume companies, Italian clothing, Swiss watches and other companies, and others, and the unremitting efforts by companies marketing their products across the border. Thus, there was no ground force capable of restraining those companies and preventing them from crossing the border because it attracted the human passion for them even if they were in place, so if those companies could not enter the borders of a country for political, social or economic reasons, it is able to attract the citizens of that country to where its headquarters are in other countries, then the loss will be more severe for these countries. It does not prevent these companies from profiting at the expense of its economy, nor does it keep its currency from crossing its borders through the pockets of its citizens traveling tourists to satisfy their passion.
Relying on people's passion for marketing products leads to a continuous process of profitable accumulation, as there is no limit to human passion, greedy in nature, as it strikes the strings of his feelings and arouses his curiosity and love of innate ownership with him, so his money is extracted from him in what he needs only for the sake of satisfy his passion.
However, there is a creature that can hardly see with the naked eye managed to stop this administration based on arousing passion with power that not all countries of the world possessed, and fought those companies in my direction to win them, so they are no longer able to market their products to people, and people are no longer able to exit from their homes or home to travel to those companies and satisfy their passion, it is the creature corona virus.
Despite all the negatives that have led to the death of tens of thousands of people in the world, and have disrupted education and vital activities in it, however, it teaches us an important lesson in the necessity of combating passion, which drained people's money not to something they need, but to things that do not enrich and do not benefit in its entirety, the health ban that imprisoned half the population of the earth from leaving their homes showed us that life continues without Mac Donald sandwiches or sushi of Japan, just as the Swiss watches have no value when it have been stored in domestic tractors for more than 3 months, and that luxury clothes do not wore at home, so all that we spent a lot of money on to satisfy our passion is no longer of value, and life can go on without those materially valuable things, morally poor.
Corona taught us that we spent the bulk of our money for others, not for the benefit of them, but for the sake of arousing their arrogance and curiosity, so we dressed for them, and we are striving for them, and we eat and take photos in the restaurants where we eat for them, to become more arrogant and to do the same that we did it, then they will spend more than we spent, then tell us that, then we go back to the ball, and so on, but the process continues without being among us mostly except those companies that enjoy our cold wars, and many of us sell many useless products, while we are continue  draining our resources more and more, for them, not for us.
This lesson, in spite of its cruelty, but it is important for the stage after Corona. We must be aware of the extent of our negligence when we run through our passion, we must conserve our resources and spend for the benefit of us and benefit others, not for the sake of what increases our arrogance and their arrogance, we must boycott all those companies that feed on our passion through the power of controlling ourselves. We should not be led from our passion, but we lead our passion towards what works and increases us with knowledge and action.
Thanks God for he showed us what we were blinded by our sight, and woke us from ignorance of false passion and lost pride.

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Sunday, April 12, 2020

E-learning.. future of after Corona

The spread of Corona virus in the world led to the imprisonment of nearly one billion students around the world for their schools and universities, because congestion in the classroom may be an appropriate reason for the spread of virus infection among students, and among them to their families, and this means a disaster, but on the other hand, there is a catastrophe that is no less virulent than a lethal catastrophe caused by the spread of the virus, it is a catastrophe of stopping learning, and the decline towards ignorance. Learning for a person and societies,  is such as food, water, and air, cannot be interrupted for a long time. Interruption of any of them for different periods will lead to human death, so is the case with education, stopping for a long time means the spread of ignorance, and the spread of ignorance means the spread of disease and poverty, and injustice and terrorism, which is what ultimately leads to the same result as food, water and air cuts.

It was necessary to continue learning, but by preserving the principle of social divergence imposed by the case of the spread of corona infection, therefore, education must be by remote, and since distance education cannot happen without a media medium, and the best of these media is the Internet, then distance education is electronic education, so various educational institutions around the world began broadcasting their lectures via the Internet for the student who receive them through various electronic programs. Thus, education continued.

But what is noticed here is that the process has a difference between countries and others, some of which used e-learning completely before the spread of the virus, and some used it partially as in the case in blended education, which mixes between regular and e-learning, but there are educational institutions in other countries that were never used it before, such institutions and such countries were facing a new reality on them altogether, so they failed, surprised and staggered so much that some of them were able to perform e-learning within narrow limits, while others are still reeling in their place .

Since any disaster befalling people must draw lessons and lessons from them, the most important thing that can be drawn from the experience of education in the time of the Corona disaster is the need to develop proactive plans for the education system and its alternatives that educational institutions may need when they are urgently resolved. After the Corona pandemic, God willing, ends, educational institutions must develop strategic plans to spread the culture of e-learning in societies that are not accustomed to, and provide it with the necessary means instead of staying in line with traditional education without developing anything from its means. The amount that they spend on infrastructure, buildings and classrooms can be greatly reduced by developing electronic education which can be done within the cheapest means of communication in the world, "Internet".

The advantages of switching to e-learning are many, including, but not limited to:

1.Reducing student momentum in many educational institutions in countries with weak human development indicators, which negatively affects the ability of one student to absorb the lecture
2.Reducing the increasing traffic momentum in all countries among the world because it will ensure that the student learns at his home, instead of going out to his educational institution
3.Reducing fuel consumption and its environmental pollution by reducing the number of fuel-burning cars on the street and reducing electrical energy consumption in educational institutions
4. Improving the digital skills of both the student and the teacher, which raises the indicators of their digital intelligence, which is what will be required later in the labor market within the fifth generation of the industry, which will be almost entirely dependent on artificial intelligence
5.Reducing financial spending on school buildings and their maintenance requirements
6.The possibility of opening horizons for global learning, as the student does not require travel from his country to another country to register in one of its educational institutions, but he can register and learn in it from his home country and his private home, and this in turn reduces a lot of travel expenses and costs of energy consumption in travel
7.Through the aforementioned positives about reducing energy consumption, it is clear to us that e-learning is green, environmentally friendly, and leads to sustainable development, and implicitly achieves the goals of the third millennium
8.E-learning will open the doors of acquaintance between societies to their wrestlers, which is what God Almighty wanted when he created people from one soul, and made them people and tribes to get to know each other.

But the e-learning process is not without a set of negatives, we include it in the following lines, with the development of possible solutions to overcome it:
1.The inability to apply practical training through e-learning, and this is correct, as practical training requires a laboratory and workshop, and here educational institutions can be shortened to laboratories and workshops, which will require the student's attendance, but half of what his presence required for theoretical education. Furthermore, many practical aspects can also be performed through e-learning, such as information technology skills, and artificial intelligence skills, while the rest of manual skills can cover an uncomplicated part of them through virtual laboratories that enable the student to perform his practical experiences via the Internet as well
2.The lack of actual communication between the student and the teacher on the one hand, and between the students with each other on the other hand, and such communication affects a lot in building the student’s personality, and this is a realistic negative, but it is mitigated by what will happen during the practical training of students inside Educational institutions, and what can happen from an electronic video and audio meeting of students while performing an electronic lecture.

Moreover, and away from the negatives and positives, some obstacles must be overcome by country agencies in order to enable their educational institutions to perform effective e-learning, including strengthening the Internet service and expanding it to cover the entire area of ​​the state, while ensuring its violations and piracy, in addition to providing what it is assumed to be available from electronic communication devices for all its students, and the cost of that is, of course, less than the costs needed to construct buildings.
E-learning is no longer an educational luxury. Rather, it has become a necessity. Countries and institutions that did not realize this previously should realize it now and work for it in earnest.

Friday, April 3, 2020

TVET E-learning in face of COVID-19

One of the most affected fields by COVID-19 outbrea is the education sector, which will affect the labor market, and this will affect the economic sector. In Iraq, as in all of the affected countries, education is depending now on the E-learning completely due to schools and universities closures, but the most challenge is how the TVET institutes will gain their students the required skills as demanded by labor market?, this may be very difficult to answer, because, and as every expert in education know, E-learning can cover knowledge only, while skills can not be covered except by real practice, in the laboratories, workshops, or workplaces, so, if this matter does not covered due to the pandemic, the labor market will sever from a wave of unskilled graduated people, and this will affect negatively the high demand on the products of 4th generation of industry. On the other hand, there is another required skills appeared due to COVED-19 outbreak, these are skills of working from home, so such skills may could be covered by E-learning. Thus, educational institutes must focus now on these skills which they may change the nature of work in the world even after the end of pandemic.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Young adults, between home and friends

Nowadays, unfortunately, many of teen guys prefer to be with their friends more than with their families. This can be considered as a big social change, and it may be due to feeling more freely with their friends rather than inside home. Thus, parents must make more effort to create a freedom environment inside home to attract their sons and daughters to spend more time with them.
When young adults be with their friends, they more freely to talk, fun, and entertainment, while when they stay at home, most of communication wastes due to many of family conditions and rules. The new social media helped in breakdown these rules between friends, but it could not make the same inside homes. As mentioned by some researches, most of teen adults  feeling familiar with their friends more than with their parents when they using different social media applications.
Therefore, parents must give their best to rearrange their home living rules, and review the almost inapplicable conditions or restrictors that they applied inside home, such as sleeping time must be at 10 PM, or dinner must be healthy and at 6 PM. Such rules restrict young people, while they can break them simply when they be with their friends.
Spending more time outside home may lead to big social problems. Thus, parents must sense this issue, and put an applicable solution to help their sons and daughters to feel happy and free with them, then they will not see a big different between staying with their families or with their friends.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

refugees and wealthy countries

 Are you agree that wealthy countries should accept more refugees and provide them with basic assistance, such as food and housing?
This question was sent to me in a fundamental writing task by, but I found it is very useful to be discussed, because it represents a continuous issue.
First of all, I agree but with some conditions, and before explaining these conditions, it must be known that those refugees have not been left from their countries for a tourism travel, no, they left to save themselves and their families from die, such as what happen in Syria, Yemen,  Libya, and others, or to save themselves and families from poorness and hungriness, due to lack of chances of getting a job in their countries, such as in Iraq, and most of African countries. That means the refugee people can be considered as forced refugee people. Thus, if they stay at home, humanity may loss many of peoples, so this will be a great shame in its history after what happens in the first and second world wars. Or, many of young people in these countries may become a terrorists people, and many of them will be enrolled with some terrorists groups such as ISIS. Al-Qaida, Bokoharam, and others. Now, if wealthy countries accept the forced refugee people, that means they save their countries and the world, it is an ethical issue.
Here is a complex point must be discussed, that is what may happen if the wealthy countries opened all of their doors to the refugee people and provided them with basic assistance such as food and housing?. That means many of people in poor and unsafe countries will be encouraged to refugee to the wealthy countries even if there are not deeply suffering from their countries conditions, and the hosted countries will reach to a point that they cannot offer the required assistance even for their citizens. Therefore, just legal conditions must be defined by the hosted countries, so I find this essay as a chance to suggest some of these conditions as I see them very important;
1.      The refugee must have a legal approvment from the hosted country before it refugees, by apply a form on an internet website or something like this.
2.      The refugee must arrive to the legal ports of the hosted country, might airport, ship port, or  others legal ports, not upon unsafe borders
3.      The refugee must bring with it what proof its suffering in its country, and that must be classified at the hosted country as an accepted reason to refugee
4.      The refugee must be able to work in the labor market of the hosted country, to be considered as a good addition to the society, not a heavy block on them
Thus, and after what explained above, I agree with the importance of hosting the forced refugees in the wealthy countries and providing them with the basic assistance but with the above legal conditions or what another condition can be make the hosted country in the safe side and does not affect its social consortium or its economical situation.

Mahir H. Majeed

Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday of COVID-19

On Friday, there is no prayer for Friday .. in most parts of the world .. and for different doctrines and stripes
It likes as ALLAH is sending us a strong message, this is not the prayer that he wants .. and the speeches that delivered are not the words he wants ..
#Corona is a new opportunity for everyone to review themselves .. So the preachers of the mosques should review what they say .. they must address the real problems of society and propose effective solutions to them in a decent and calm manner,  instead of shouting, threatening, and excessively intimidating ... instead of telling stories and myths ... and reporting novels without scrutiny, so most of them are not applicable.
And the prayers should review themselves .. and their attendance at the Friday prayer should not be merely dropping an obligatory .. or an opportunity for media appearances .. or sleeping on one side of the mosque . They should not make them harmful mosques and discord .. or for gathering and political parties .. or places for sectarian separation ... or places to store weapons.
So everyone should know .. that the mosques are for ALLAH .. and no one must be called inside them except ALLAH .. and that their presence is permitted for all servants of God. So it is not forbidden to anyone .